Happy Mother’s Day


It’s a wonderful thing to have a mother – you wouldn’t be here without her. And yet I can think of at least a couple of people who have difficult relationships with their mothers. In fact, I can think of one person who had to take control of life and move out of home far too early because “mom” wasn’t too stable or making rational decisions. Enough chaos to cause this young teen to take matters out of the hands of “mom”.

Yes, Mother’s Day brings about lots of feelings.

I have a wonderful mother who poured herself into me, gave me every advantage she could in life, and taught me the things that make you confident and emotionally stable.

As we were in church this morning I was thinking about a couple of ladies in the congregation who were not able to have children. How they would love to be a mom – to their own children. I was thinking about a couple of ladies who we know who have lost children – and how they would love to have more time to mother their kids.

Mother’s day is a tough one for some.

I want to celebrate the ladies in my life who have the role of mother and are or were extraordinary women.

My Mom.

Wendy’s Mom, Ruth.





My Nanny Eastland – she was my summer mother!

…and there are others too. I think about my cousin Marilyn who was an extraordinary woman and mother and is gone too soon. I think about Jean Cole who in Listowel took care of Jason and eventually Philip on Sunday mornings and beyond – she was a loving, tender, caring lady to our kids. Avril helped Wendy out with Philip and Jason so often and was always there to help.

In almost every place we lived there was a woman who shared our concern for our kids and took action to be kind and supportive to them.

So happy mother’s day

Nanny Eastland on the right

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Thanks Fred I am so grateful for my children who love the Lord and for my mother who nurtured us in so many ways, this is a lovely tribute to those women in your life who have made a difference

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