The land of totem poles


In 2016 I was in British Columbia for a tour of our work in the far north. It is a beautiful part of the country and I loved every minute of the visit.

The snowy mountains and green valleys and shorelines make for spectacular views.

Flying into Terrace BC gives you a great sense of the beauty on the ground.

The Salvation Army has a long history in the area. And in many communities our presence is prominent. We went to a school where we found the leader having regular time in the classroom. He’s indigenous from the area and he was helping the teacher teach the kids their native language. Turns out the teacher holds an Order of Canada and is a consultant to the education system in Califormia. Amazing.


On this site just behind the corps building is a field full of totem poles – it was amazing to view them and see the size and craftmanship.

Our building there was built by the tribe and is mostly finished in cedar. It is beautiful.

Inside the building were numerous pictures of the construction of this building. It also showed how they removed it from the site, by horses, to build a foundation and then returned the building on to the foundation which is now a basement.

We also visited Kitxegukla where an old Anglican church is our building.

The local leadership told us that this is the second site of the building, that once it was further downstream, but when the area was flooding they put the church on a barge and brought it up stream using horses. Wow.

What a fascinating part of the world and hard working people with a real love for their land and heritage.

I loved being here…and loved the people.

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