Rainbow Bear


So just one picture to post, but may I tell you that we had a blast yesterday? We’ve been taking the grandkids at a certain age to pick out a “stuffy” at Build-A-Bear. Yesterday was Fitz’s turn, and when we arrived to pick him up he was very excited and ready to go!

He climbed enthusiastically into the van, hat on and mask in hand to head to the mall. After a minute for his sisters to say “goodbye and have fun,” we were off.

This store is only at West Edmonton Mall which is on the other side of the city, so it takes about 25 minutes. Not to change the subject, but 25 minutes in Toronto took us nowhere!

When we got to Build-A-Bear Titz went to the very one he wanted – Rainbow Bear – and showed little interest in his options. He had made up his mind! He was very interested and engaged in helping put it together – picking out a silver heart to put inside and then giving him a good brushing.

He also wanted to stop at the Lego store…so of course, we did. With Rainbow bear in hand we were off to McDonald’s! Also, Fitz’s choice.

We had a great time together, Fitz, Grandma, Grandpa, and Rainbow Bear!

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