Visiting in a pandemic

I had to go to the office this week to sign some legal documents and as it was such a nice day I decided to have a visit with Mom and Dad.

Mom lives in a retirement residence nearby and with the pandemic has really impacted that home and her. Living in isolation, eating in small groups, little activity in the home has not been easy. The good news is they have had no covid cases so that really needs to be celebrated.

As we can’t hug, go for a drive, share a coffee together under the big tree or in our backyard we visited over the fence. Now here’s the thing; I asked Mom if she needed to sit while we chatted and she said no I’m fine and she stood there like a 55 year old for our whole conversation. You have to admit the Eastland family seem to have some really great genes.

yes we are smiling

But before I went to visit Mom I thought I should drop by where Dad rests. This is a most interesting part of Mount Pleasant Cemetery and marks the place where many officers are laid to rest following their promotion to glory. In the center of the section is a tall marker which has on it plaques with the names of officers that are buried in other parts of Canada and the world.

On the very first row of plaques is the name of my grandfather, Sr. Major Arthur E Waters. Seeing the dates of his birth it is amazing that his life spanned so far back and I often imagine what the world he was born into must have been like.

The grass had been recently cut though I wished I had a few tools to finish the clean up! But still it was nice to catch a picture from here – though I have a few – the warm sunshine and the quietness of the cemetery made for a nice moment for me to give thanks for the life of my Dad.

It was a good afternoon to see Mom and think briefly of Dad. I wish I did this more often.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Thanks for the visit Fred, it was great to see you even if we couldn’t hug or be close to each other, it has been a long year but yes I am glad we have been kept safe in this Residence

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