The end of the May long weekend


Last evening Wendy and I went for a walk, as has become our practice, after supper. We’ve found ourselves taking different routes depending on our ambition but we’ve also come to favour revisiting certain houses because we are watching the development of gardens or the stages of flower and fruit development.

Last night we saw that one of the houses we often pass by, and one that is always extraordinarily decorated for Christmas, had a fountain going. And just across the street was a sign celebrating the birthday of a little girl.

Then last night, as we were watching the Leafs beat the Habs ( a well deserved win) we began to hear the noise of fireworks and I thought I would capture a few seconds of our celebrating the birthday of Queen Victoria!

I mentioned to Wendy that I remember my Dad always having fireworks for this night and how even though my folks didn’t have much money, it seemed that there was a bit to have some fun on a night like this. That is a great memory.

One final picture – a tree that has been trimmed – assuming that the rest of it is going to be cut down but continues to grow – life is still within the trunk.

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