Philip Arthur turns 34

Hard to believe but it’s been 34 years since we welcomed our second born into the world. Into the little town of Listowel arrived safely our second son. We weren’t quite as scared as we were three years earlier with Jason’s birth! With one little boy at home we figured we were starting to get the hang of this thing called parenting. Though I confess while we did our best at the time, we didn’t get it all right – but then what parent does? And as parents we really are our hardest critic.

Philip is now a husband and father of three – he’s an award winning journeyman carpenter and an advanced life support paramedic. He’s gentle and kind and generous. He is known on the street by his neighbours as the guy to call if you have trouble and he generally can fix almost anything.

But what I celebrate in Philip is what a wonderful husband and father that he is. Both our boys are excellent parents and if there is anything of a legacy to be left in this world maybe that is the thing I most treasure.

So to celebrate Philip, a few photos, which is my hallmark.

apple – tree
One of those on the trail shots
A life saver
Same great smile
who else makes soup over an open fire, in winter!
Happy birthday

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