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Ray and Joan

It has been many years – maybe 25 – since we have seen Ray and Joan.  And we had the delight to meet up with them this past weekend in London. We were young – they were young – when we first met in Listowel. They were on DHQ staff and we were always encouraged by them.

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Happy birthday Jason

Another celebration for our family has arrived. With the dawning of the sun we remember how January 19th, 1984 unfolded. Wendy was booked for surgery and after a bit of a delay a warm small bundle was laid in my arms – warm and tight-fisted with eyes shut tight and a reasonable desire to stay asleep – I looked upon our first born. Later in the day we really settled on the name Jason David Waters.

I’m not sure how anyone else’s journey was but I remember feeling rather intimidated and frankly alone! Wendy and Jason stayed in the hospital and I went home to a dark house to contemplate what it meant to be a father. Could I be a good father? Would I make the right decisions? 
I discovered what every new father before and since has, that the role is dependent upon the relationship. 
So today we celebrate 32 years for Jason and his family – now expanded – and thank God for his good heart and mind. We thank God for his journey and trust God to continue to lead and provide in ways that will not always appear immediately to any of us but are more real than we imagine.
Happy birthday Jason.

30 Years

Thursday Wendy and I received our newest pin to recognize 30 years of ministry with The Salvation Army.  The Territorial Commander presented them to us at the morning’s chapel service.

30 years – where did that time go?

30 years ago we were being sent off to our first appointment – Listowel Ontario.  That’s where both Jason and Philip would be born and we would cut our teeth in real leadership.  (I should go back sometime and apologize to some of those people!)

In the intervening years, we lived in Mississauga, Hamilton, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and now Toronto.  We’ve had many good neighbours, have seen many a family through happy and troubled times and like many officers have more than enough stories to tell to keep a room entertained for an evening.

These 30 years have also shown God’s blessing on us over and over.  We are grateful for all those experiences and for the demonstration of God’s care of us.