The weight of the pandemic

A year ago we were returning from Alberta where we had been for business and family. Covid was new on our minds and we knew one person who had been tested and found positive. As we boarded the plane we all had sani wipes for the screens and the arms of the plane. The plane was full and everyone was feeling a bit on edge.

A few weeks later we were home, in full lock down and working from home seemed like a norm that would be quite enjoyable. There were the first video meetings and we all were learning to work in a new way. Meetings were frequent as we worked our way through a series of issues and the seriousness of the virus was taking hold. Then someone died of Covid that we knew well and fear began to creep into our thinking.

Lately I’ve been feeling the weight of the situation and I’m starting to think I would like to go somewhere – maybe even spend a week in the office. I said to Wendy last night that it would be great to call someone up and go out for lunch somewhere.

The systems we need are working but the weight of this isolation is getting heavier. This is a week of vacation which we didn’t take in 2020 and it isn’t that we aren’t well or eating good meals, it’s just the feeling that this may go on for some time yet and what we all really need is warmer weather, sunshine the ability to be with others. We aren’t made for isolation.

We believe in God, we trust Him for what we need, but my goodness the weight of this is growing heavier.

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