She turned 9


This past Saturday Rachel turned 9 years old. She’s into her 10th year (a shout out to Nanny) and her birthdays from here on in will be double digits. I remember waiting in the hospital hallway for Jason to come and tell us if they had a boy or girl. We didn’t really care, as long as the baby was healthy.

Indeed she was healthy and we’ve watched her all these years as she’s developed and grown in her abilities, her understanding, and her personality.

We were out riding our bikes on Saturday and Sunday and Rachel now rides like she’s a pro. She was even riding side saddle, two legs on one side of her bike as she coasted down the street. I cautioned her suggesting a fall would really hurt. Her response; “Grandpa, it’s not like I am learning to ride”.

Yup – she’s growing up.

Cupcake to celebrate

Rachel really enjoys baking and she was active in making the cupcakes! She wanted cupcakes and she loved the purple icing. Jason is a great baker and is teaching Rachel to bake.

baking with Dad

Of course Ted and Beth loved to be part of the celebration and were busy with us too. Ted has learned to play checkers – well done Jason – he’s getting to be quite good. Now Jason is teaching him to play chess! Ted really loves board games.

Beth loves cuddling, Barbies, laughing and doing whatever her big sister does. It’s hard to believe how the years go by but it’s a great thrill to be with the kids and see them growing. And if I can add, Jason is a great Dad who works really hard at engaging them every day.

Barbies galore

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