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Wendy and I went for a drive the other day – a vacation day at long last – we’re pooped!

We stumbled across this little hamlet – and found that they are saving some past history on the main street. I had to stop and take a photo saying as I did, “I haven’t seen a BA station in years!”.

Not that the station was open, but it is clear that it is being looked after. Interesting I thought. Do you see the air pump (red) between the garage doors? You don’t see those any more.

Then we went around the corner and inside someone’s yard (maybe the owner of this) we found an old gasoline pump.

It is a Texaco pump – and the garage is well looked after as well.

Up the hill, behind this is a cemetery. We’ve been by it before.

Inside the cemetery Wendy noticed the Nicholls name. It was Roy Nicholls motors that Roy and Fred Owen owned when we were younger – and Wendy worked there for a while as the Owens attended Oshawa Corps with Wendy. So I zoomed in on the grave marker and what do you know….

Roy Nicholls

Here’s a link to the history of Roy Nicholls Motors.

If you’re wondering about the TR6 which is above – it was parked in Port Hope which we drove through and I had to stop and take a photo – it’s in great shape and when I was 18 was one of the cars I wanted to own one day. A photo will have to do.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Cath and I drove through Courtice yesterday on the way home from Port Hope

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