Somethings are too good to give up – ever.

On our way back from Ottawa we stopped at the very famous Reids Dairy.

I was interested to learn that Reid’s Dairy started in 1910 by Frank Finley Reid. A plaque on the wall indicates that this began with horse and wagons delivering mik.

I have a very vivid memory while living in Winnipeg of the horse drawn wagon bringing milk to our house – I can still see the delivery man, in his white outfit (with hat) running from the wagon to the house dropping off the glass milk bottles. The horse knew which houses to stop at and which ones to skip. It seems like another world now, but that’s within my lifetime.

Reid’s Dairy has the biggest ice cream cones! And they don’t cost much! We’ve also been picking up milk shakes ($1) that are delicious and putting them into our plug in cooler to bring home!

So if you’re driving by Belleville, this is a great spot to stop!

No pictures of us eating the ice cream cone – it was too hot and they were melting FAST!

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