The contrasts of rural and urban life

We were in St. Jacobs on Saturday for part of the day then downtown Toronto.  Was there ever a greater contrast?  The small town of St. Jacobs, where we’ve visited before, is in the heart of Amish country.  We went to the market and next door there was a viewing of horses for a sale that was obviously on.  The men and boys gathered around as the horses were displayed for all to see.  Then the group took to the barn for the sale.  I returned to the market – simple, outdoor, bartering – it was a delight AND I had the best cabbage rolls and perogies ever.

Then we headed back to Toronto to connect with Meghan and supper was at a little Thai restaurant just off Yonge Street.  Delicious!  Then a quick walk to a block away where we ended the meal at Just Desserts!  Coffee and chocolate of course.

The Christmas lights were beautiful and we marvelled again at how this city never seems to sleep.

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