Love Wins – 40 pages in and reading

I’m 40 pages into LOVE WINS and I have to say that Rob Bell has me thinking.  There are times when I’m saying this is good stuff and other times I’m thinking I’m not sure I agree…but he has me thinking which at the end of the day seems to be a good thing.  Love him or hate him he has a gift for probing and seeking, and he has a gift for communicating.  I also have to admit I love his questioning The Church – for more often that naught lately I’ve been wondering – is God going to diminish the North American Church so He can begin to build again with a remnant?

Using a remnant is a common thread throughout Scripture.  As He used Gideon and his small army – could he be preparing for a new work in this land by removing the big box consumerist driven churches, the less than honest televangelist, the buy-my-book-slick-salesvangelist(my word), the I’m-condemning-you-holier-than-thou fundamentalist…etc…?

Remember He dragged the Children of Israel, the very people He had just rescued from Egypt (at no small cost) so that the generation of ill-faith would be left behind in the desert.  The next generation were allowed to enter into the land promised to Abraham.  For some reason I sense that North American Churches don’t understand that they too may find their bones strewn in the desert.

The Church might be God’s way of reaching the community – but God is quite patient to raise up a more faithful remnant.

I’m not yet able or ready to declare myself on Rob Bell’s book, though heaven knows that thousands of others have…soon I’ll give you a fuller response as I view it.

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