Popular Posts for November

Top 5 in this order:

1. First attempt at ordering Chinese Food – apparently we aren’t the only people hoping to find a good spot in Scarborough to order delicious, fresh, tempting Chinese food!

2.No One is required to see Santa – this reflection on the movie Polar Express seems to be getting significant hits as the season of Christmas specials arrives.  It contains one of my favourite quotes from Seth Godin.

3. 20 Questions to ask a leader – from 2009 this is the most arrived at blog post on my site.  Taken directly from Michael Hyatt’s blog it was my reflection on the value of his questions.  I carry these with me on my BlackBerry and use them from time to time.

4. Despicable Me = The Christmas Carol – during the past year I’ve had days when this post got up to 700 hits.  I suppose the ongoing interest in the movie keeps it popular but I doubt it will have the staying power of Charles Dickens.

5. The Toronto Santa Claus Parade 2011 – this is the most recent post of the top 5.  Those of us from TSA who were in the parade and who realized after we didn’t get any TV coverage were disappointed.  Having said that it appears there are other ways (You Tube) to be seen by the public!

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