Winnipeg Downtown


My last weekend in Winnipeg in this role – not saying I won’t ever be in Winnipeg again, but it did feel like an ending. And as I’ve been reminded by Henry Cloud, there is no starting something new without concluding something else. I am determined not to get emotionally stuck in what was.

So off to Winnipeg, it was the board of trustees meeting and the convocation weekend.

If you live in Winnipeg and you love it, please don’t take this personally, Oh my. This part of the city is in deep trouble. This end of the downtown, near the university, has lost the Hudson Bay store, not entirely a surprise to anyone, the Moxies, the Boston Pizza, numerous stores, and even the two Starbucks that were nearby. I had to walk to the Radisson Hotel to find a Starbucks. Tim Horton’s has a security guard by the front door. Let’s see how much longer they last.

Inside the Portage Place mall stores are closing and foot traffic is mixed with people simply trying to escape the elements who live on the street.

I did however find a great used bookstore on one of the small streets south of Portage.

This place is a gem. Unfortunately the neaby Starbucks, just steps away, also closed but I really enjoyed the look and smell of this place. I highly recommend some time in it if you happen to be there.

Eclectic it is and there was a huge selection of historical publications that center on the people and history of old Winnipeg. and of course Manitoba. The building itself and the furniture were really interesting. I was really interested in this desk.

You’ll notice lots of small area rugs which dot the floor and I found a number of people sitting on them as they took time to look through the books all lovingly lined on the shelves. There is no sense that you’re in a Chapters or Indigo. There’s nothing slick and it’s almost entirely books.

I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked, but what time I had was wonderful.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Sure is a different Winnipeg than when we lived there is the 50’s too bad to see the downturn

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