Time for a new roof

Big excitement in the Villa as the roofs are redone. And replacing the 16-year-old shingles are fiberglass so these won’t need to be replaced for 50 years or longer.

Steve and Dorothy are neighbours – and real “characters” in our small village – the Villa. Sadly Dorothy passed away suddenly. It has been interesting to see the compassion and condolences expressed. around the community.

And tomorrow is my first condo board meeting as a board member. Strangely, we were asked at the AGM to vote if we were in support of the board during the past year and their decisions. When I asked how we would know what were the decisions, there was a real pause by the board members. I’m used to boards and board minutes. So I asked if we could have copies of the minutes as owners. Yes, but at a cost… OKAY. Could they be posted for all to see – YES, and at no cost!

So tomorrow’s meeting will be the first whereby the owners will see minutes of the discussion and decisions.

What other improvements can I make in how this board works?

In other news from the Villa the sun keeps shining and the flowers are blooming! Tomorrow I’ll put a cage around the emerging Bleeding Heart so when it’s big and heavy it doesn’t fall over. But the buds are bulging and the grass is now green. Spring is well under way! And with it the days are getting very long – I noticed at 9 tonight that the sky still had lots of light in it.

Finally, the clock arrived! Yes, I finally got what I wanted. Not in the size I was hoping for, but I think it will be really nice and I’ll post a picture shortly once it is mounted on the wall!

And I think that’s it from the Villa for tonight!

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