Long time friends


Convocation for BUC was this past weekend. While there are lots of things to say about that weekend itself it was nice to see some good friends.

Bd of Trustees

One of those pictured above is Wendy Swan – who was a single woman when we were young and in training – and forty years later we find ourselves on the Booth UC board together.

Wendy and her husband Ian did remarkable work establishing work in mainland China while working from Hong Kong. I’m not sure how many people actually understand that and of course in the present climate, not something that you can make too public.

My other close friend here is Floyd Tidd, the TC and the Chancellor of Booth. Floyd and I first met in 1987 when we were sent from Listowel to Mississauga. We arrived in a late move (September) and they had just arrived to start a new corps north of us. We became immediate friends and through the years have been in constant communication. I did recently quip that when we were younger we had more answers than questions! Now I have more questions.

Well, that’s that – my last convocation, last in-person board meeting, and trip to Winnipeg.

A new chapter is just around the corner!

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