My family in Ontario has been talking about how cloudy it is there. I’ve always thought of Ontario as a cloudy province – sitting up against the Great Lakes I think that is the contributing factor. This brings me to Alberta and the prairie provinces in general. Here is where the sun lives.

I often like to open our front door to let the sunshine in! The garage is at the front of the house so this is the main way that daylight gets into this part of the house. And we do get lots of sun!

With spring now on our doorstep we are watching by the back door the little indoor garden coming to life. The tomatoes are up – I planted way too many, but that will sort itself out. The latest seeds to germinate are our butternut squash. They are growing fast and it will be fun to eventually move them into a big pot for the deck.

in reading the spring forecast, it looks like Ontario will remain cool, cloudy, and wet (sorry Mom) but here in Alberta, and especially the central part where we live in Edmonton, will be warmer than normal, and we’re almost always dry.

So if you like sunshine… my advice is move to Alberta!

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