Do we shake hands?

I recently noticed that in meeting some new people who shook hands. Without thinking about it, without hesitation. Are we back to shaking hands?

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

It wasn’t that long ago we were bumping fists or elbows, carrying hand sanitizer around and generally being as careful as possible. People had hand sanitizer on their desks, in their pockets, in the car and in the house. We said hello and waved from across the room…

And strange as it may seem I didn’t have a cold or the flu or even a runny nose! But now… well, two or three colds later and a couple of upset stomachs and I’m thinking of going back to the fist bump!

Meanwhile – let’s have a cup of coffee. What is better for the stomach? Nothing in my mind. If whatever I’ve eaten makes my stomach feel queasy…well, I reach for a good cup of coffee and that usually settles me down.

Here’s a great little video and again love the sound effects guy… about coffee. Listen for the lyrics “keeps the Germans awake through the sermon” – a reference to Keiller’s Lutheran background.

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