Off to TWU

I spent most of Sunday in the Calgary airport after my flight was cancelled. I suspect the airline didn’t feel that they had a load to warrant the expense of the flight when they could push all to the next flight.

The Calgary airport is long…really long from one end to the other. They have a set of trams that run from one end to the other that’s how long. I went for a walk from one end to the other – takes about 30 minutes… and the exposure you get to the view west of the airport is lovely.

You may know the name of Trinity Western University from the news and the legal struggles they have had. If that was all you know then I hope you will learn more – it’s a very interesting place and they are in changing times too.

We met with the senior leaders of the university to talk about where and how TSA and TWU might have some common interests and partnerships. It was a well thought out approach and a productive day.

I was struck by the interior architecture of this building, their newest. See how the wood and glass work as you look up from the bottom floor to the skylight at the top.

Before the day is out, I was on my way back to Calgary to catch up to Wendy and join the ABNT retreat in Kananaskis. The journey was without trouble and once again I am amazed at how we can get from one place to another so easily.

One final comment that I will include in my next blog post, was from Mark Husbands from TWU, he spoke about article 5 from the Lusaaine Commission Covenant and how that one article, insisted on being included by the south Asian delegates, describes TSA.

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