It’s 2023

It’s been a few days and a few miles travelled since I had time to write here – sorry about that! But let me tell you about these delightful days and what I’ve seen.

First of all, let me say once again what a lovely visit Wendy and I had with Celine and Jason, and the kids. It didn’t quite turn out as we thought due to the weather but still, it was a delightful time together.

Having arrived home in time for New Year’s we went with our usual – let’s celebrate tomorrow after a good night’s sleep!

As is tradition, we watched the Rose Bowl parade on KTLA – love that station – and sure enough The Salvation Army was in the parade. They never miss.

While the sign in our garden says, let it snow, we have had very mild temperatures and not a great deal of snow – but sunshine – that we have. I do love the big blue sky over the prairie provinces.

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