Back to Kananaskis

It’s been a few years – probably 11 since we were here last. It’s been renovated and a bit of a name change, but it is still one of the prettiest places to spend time. It is not the snowiest part of the mountains, that’s for sure but the snow-topped mountains remind you of your altitude.

Wendy and I were first here in 1992 as young officers attending the DYS’s conference and then the Christian Camping Association Conference. That was a great deal of fun and we were with other young officers – the Graves, the Tidds, the Vincents and our leaders were David and Margaret HIscock. I have fond memories of that event and our first time in the mountains – we would later on spend a decade coming to this spot and the area.

In this past week two or three interesting things were of note. First of all, to be with the division again – a nice feeling. Though many if not most have changed, we have connections with many from other times and locations. That’s one of the nice things about this SA community, it is not without the benefit of ongoing relationships.

Here is the second great moment, to have Amy with us. She was a young child in our corps in Calgary and here she is now an officer in Edmonton with us. She’s a talented officer who leads in a challenging setting.

We had the chance to be in Canmore and that meant a chance for Wendy to visit Sugar Pine Quilt Shop – an award wining shop!

And if Wendy is at the Quilt Shop I will be getting some photos from around the area.

We had supper at the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company – a place we’ve enjoyed before! They have some great offerings and friendly staff.

And finally to say that while all this was great – it was great to get back home – but what a magnificent area to visit.

One final note….

While we were here, nearby, having the time of her life and enjoying some of the finer things of the west was our niece Laura – and here she is! We didn’t get to meet up, but I think she’s discovered some of the treasures of this part of the world!

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Wonderful pictures and it brought back memories of visits to that part of Alberta thanks for the reminder

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