The value of friendship

Today allowed a wonderful reconnection with my friend Doug. Now I noticed I have many friends named Doug. Don’t think it was deliberate, but it is what it is.

At any rate, today Doug and I had a lengthy coffee/brunch together. Doug to me to the very trendy Westboro area of Ottawa. Our destination was the most lovely bakery/cafe and we had some great food. We revisited our time here, the connection that we have had, and some common stories in our lives, and talked about retirement.

Doug recently retired from teaching university and from his position in the National Arts Centre Orchestra. Doug’s a bit older than me, in fact, I have a picture amongst my collection of old photos of Doug and I together both playing trombone. I think I’m 11 in the photo and Doug would be 15. I’m small for my age, and he’s very big for his age so the contrast is quite something.

I digress.

Today we talked about our families, his retirement, and my upcoming retirement. It was great. We also talked about our observations about the changing values of our country by our observation.

It was one of those conversations that are full, natural, and meaningful. Our lives have had many parallel experiences and we have the ability to simply pick up where we left off.

If there is anything in this world I value highly, I think it is the relationships of my life. Doug has been great in keeping in touch and in retirement I hope to make investing in these kind of friendships a priority.

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