Made it thru the storm

Two months ago we booked our travel from Toronto to Ottawa for Christmas. At the time it seemed that it was less expensive and would actually take less time to go by rail to Ottawa than fly – with all the security and timelines required for air travel. Little did we know on the day we would be traveling that Ontario would be in the midst of a winter storm that would shut down air travel.

So this week we looked very smart having planned to travel by train. I should also say, rail was cheaper. So yes smart, but also cheap!

As we awoke in Toronto on the 23 the call from officials was to stay off the road. As it was it was raining in Toronto and had been all night. So off to the airport to drop the car and grab the UP train down to Union Station.

It’s been a while since I was in Union Station and I confess I had forgotten how magnificent the building is. It has an air about it that is never duplicated in current construction.

The many corridors and wings of the building give it a sense of scope that lets you feel like you are in a maze. We had more than a few nice chats with folks, and one lady who ended up sitting with us as we waited for the train, shared in coffee with us.

We decided to wear our masks – and I notice more and more people returning to mask-wearing, especially while traveling. As we keep saying – the pandemic is over, isn’t it? Of course, it isn’t just covid these days – we nearly all are suffering from the effects of the pandemic in one way or another.

Christmas together in Ottawa has been something we’ve been looking forward to for quite a while after Christmas days when we had to be more isolated.

Our travel by train was very comfortable and while we were a bit late getting in, we were very comfortable. There are no long security lines, no seatbelts, no middle seats and you can walk about. While train travel was once very popular, it is easy to see why it was so popular. The downside of course is that the further the distance the train takes longer. But my goodness how comfortable.

We simply say, for us, this was a great decision, and we enjoyed the ride the whole way. And now a Merry Christmas with the family!

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