Time as a team


We’ve been in Winnipeg for the ordination and commissioning of the cadets this year. As part of our celebration was to acknowledge Brian and Lynn who are moving on to other responsibilities.

How many times have we been part of this now? Two TCs, 4 Chief Secretaries, 3 Mission Secretaries, 3 Personnel Secretaries and three Asst, Chief Secretaries, one Communication Secretary. And here we still are….

The team

We walked over and as we did we went past the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. We haven’t been in it yet, and they tell me you need a couple of days to really appreciate it. But it has remarkable architecture.

We also walked past the old train station – well it’s still the train station!

Knowing that my parents lived here, and their mode of travel back to Ontario or out to the coast would begin here by train.

The other building which I came across yesterday is the Burton Cummings Theatre!

This city has some really magnificent architecture!

It’s been great being here – and seeing some parts of the city we haven’t before.

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