Hamilton, Missouri


About three years ago I told Wendy, who had been a faithful watcher of the YouTube Channel Missouri Star Quilt Company, that I would like to take her to Hamilton to visit the town and this incredible little company. To understand the impact of this unique family, who began this, is to note that this is just a tiny town of 1800 people but MSQC employs hundreds of people and is literally rebuilding the who town, building by building.

The story is fascinating. But of course, that wasn’t really the reason to travel there…that’s a different reason.

At any rate, we made the trip. We had to be in Winnipeg so driving some south to Missouri was fairly simple.

These turned out to be remarkably hot days – 33,, 36, 39 C degree days! It was lovely. And of course, we took advantage to do some other things which we had talked about doing leading up to our retirement…to get some things for the house! (to be revealed)

Driving into Hamilton

Apparently, Jennie Doan was in town but we didn’t see her.


There are multiple buildings that have a variety of themes – and there’s even a building for the men!

The man cave

But of course – we came so Wendy could see the shops and get some deals! And she did great.

Happy shopper

Rulers and templates galore
Lots of different shop
The famous town mural

And so the next post will revolve around this being the home of JC Penney.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    That was great to see you drive into the town and see this huge building made for quilters

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