Are you watching?


I’ve been fascinated to follow the hearings on the January 6th insurrection which took place in Washington DC following the 2020 election. The presentation is compelling, the stories frightening as you hear testimony after testimony, on how deep was the commitment of Trump and a few of his team in making every effort to overturn the results of the election. I find it frightening because this is the kind of thing we hear about in banana republics, not an established democracy like the USA. But here we are.

I have been really taken, as recorded earlier, with Judge Luttig.

His words, recorded below are chilling.

I see that the latest poll suggests that 58% of Americans think that Trump should be criminally charged, and perhaps in time he will be. In the meantime he remains the choice of the Republican party and that in itself is hard to believe.

But then as Seth Godin says; “people never believe what you tell them, they may believe what their friends tell them, but they always believe what they tell themselves.”

I’ll watch further publications of the hearings and watch what happens as the DOJ continues to receive documentation from the hearings.

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