Happy Anniversary

Three years ago, and it seems to be longer than that…Wendy and I took the opportunity to spend two weeks in California. You may like Florida…we really like California. If I was an American this is where I would head! I know you thought I would say Cinninatti or something like that!

The years of marriage are ticking by and even now as we think about the fact that we are celebrating 43 years of marriage seems unbelievable. Here we are caught looking at each other and wondering where all those years went? It’s just one day at a time and some days or weeks seem to be longer they soon add up and weeks become months and months become years.

So here we are…but reflecting on the fact that we are blessed beyond measure.

I read this question recently, what will you do plan to do with your one and only precious and wild life? (Mary Oliver) and while it was put to a group of young adults, it is interesting to reflect upon it from this side of life.

We have always said, from the beginning, we wanted these things:

  1. to grow old together
  2. to have a family that we could invest in
  3. to balance enjoying the present while saving for the future
  4. to be more than “friends”, to be partners in life deeply committed to supporting and encouraging one another
  5. to be witnesses to what God has done in our life
  6. to be good neighbours
Honeymoon in the snow

We’ve lived in Mississauga – where it all started, Toronto (yes Mississauga is not Toronto), Hamilton, Listowel, Ottawa. Calgary and Edmonton. We’ve travelled the country and many other places and loved raising two boys who now have families of thier own.

We love seafood, BBQing, Dr Pepper, watching good movies together. We have loved camping, playing games, going for llooonnnngggg drives and sharing almost everything! We enjoy falling asleep and waking next to each other. We love to laugh – to be with our family and a thousand other things.

We love – what we have become – and look forward to many more years together

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