Westpoint ON

Wendy and I really enjoyed living in eastern Ontario and one of the towns we enjoyed visiting was Westpoint. What a lovely town and the history of it is fascinating.

I was looking at some pictures lately that reminded me of early autumn days there – not that one should live in the past – that’s a bad idea. However, I have always thought that God’s gift of memory for us is something to be celebrated! Isn’t it interesting that we have the ability to look at a picture and remember how things smelled or tasted or even hear a voice… every once in a while I can hear my Dad’s voice – certain phrases — and so I celebrate memory!

I’ve been going through some photos lately and stumbled across these few photos and I think I could almost sense walking along the street, being near the water.

Adele, Harvey, Wendy and I had driven over together and it was one of those warm autumn days where you wish the clock would stop and you could freeze time just for a bit so that the warm afternoon might stretch out a bit further.

European settlers came here in the 1820’s and the small town had a long period of commercial success especially during the construction of the Rideau Canal. Now it’s a wonderful small but charming town at the end of the Upper Rideau Lake.

Ontario has many small towns like this and those who have put effort into attracting tourists attract folks like us.

One final picture, and it was a poster on the wall in a small shop – I thought it was funny and took a photo of it… of course it was true it wouldn’t be funny – would it?

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