Dorothy Kilgalen

I was 8 years of age, about to celebrate my 9th birthday in late 1965. We lived in Hamilton, Ontario. Television, at least in our house was black and white and the number of stations available were relatively limited. One of the most popular television shows of the day was What’s My Line? broadcast live out of New York City. This long running television show was particularly loved and thought of as a game show that made people think – it was in some respects thought to be a show for the intelligent, in a way like Jeporady is today.

Wendy and I have been watching old re-runs on You Tube and have been enjoying this old program which in hindsight really highlights a number of changes in the way we think and live. The contestants are always dressed up like they were on the way to the theatre – and I don’t mean Cineplex! Gowns, pearls, tuxedos are the way it was. Even the careers and industries highlighted can often be seen as what was – many people who come on represent common careers and manufacturers that no longer exist. Many remind you of what is now produced in China, India or other lands with low wages.

On the panel is a variety of stable characters. Arlene Francis, Bennet Cerf and Dorothy Kilgalen with host John Daly appeared together with a variety of guest panelists.

On November 7, 1965 Dorothy Kilgalen was on the program for the last time and was found dead the next morning. Here’s the final show.

Then the next week November 14, 1965 the show paid tribute and then went on with the show ending the program with a tribute to Dorothy.

The years following have shown some interest in her death for some good reasons. Dorothy was a gifted writer and a strong investigative reporter who had recently interviewed Jack Ruby and an informant which she shared with a few was connected with the mafia. She believed that it was not a single individual who had killed Kennedy and was writing a book to break open, what she believed was the truth. The only other person to have a copy of what Dorothy had prepared also died two days later and none of her research and documentation was ever found.

So is it a conspiracy? Is it true? I don’t know but the evidence is interesting and convincing. Listen to author Mark Shaw.

There’s much more out there, and it’s interesting to see that after all these years people seem to be ready to talk more openly. Here’s the website Mark Shaw refers to.

To add a more main stream tone, and to reference back to the family of the Kennedys. This is too, a very interesting interview with some insights.

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    Very very interesting

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