George Beverly Shea

In 1995 or ’96 Wendy and I were in Ottawa when I got an invitation to join a small group of men who were considering an invitation to Billy Graham. That meeting turned out to be the beginning of several great relationships which have lasted over the years. Eventually Graham did come and with him George Beverly Shea.

I remember our meeting him at a dinner for the organizers of the Mission. I remember the meeting with Mr. Shea for two reasons. He was particularly warm to Wendy and I and had sharp and appreciative comments towards The Army . He clearly knew us well and had been in contact with us over the years. As a result he spent more time talking to us than I had expected and more time than was allotted to others. Lastly, apart from his warm and gentle manner, I remember how taken I was with the size of the man and his wonderfully gentle handshake and feeling the smallness of my hand in his. He was a big man.

So here he is, at 102 years of age singing with Guy Penrod. He still has a wonderful deep voice and it’s lovely to hear his short but sincere prayer. This is a treasure for us. Even as he sings this song, I can hear him sing “I’ld rather have Jesus…”.

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