He’s 33

Yesterday Phil had his 33rd birthday. Our youngest son marks the day with pancake breakfast with the kids, playing lego and of course getting enough sleep so he can work the night shift.

Philip has always been a person of endless energy  – and a huge love of the outdoors. No wonder his favourite days are made up of being outside, in the mountains, climbing ice or rock.

He’s also a wonderful family man – he guards the privacy of his family and their lives tenaciously and makes every effort to provide well while pouring love and energy back into his marriage and kids. The house is always filled with noise and laughter and energy.

When we visit he loves to climb on our bed, lie between us and talk about life, family, memories, his adventures and just stuff.

He and Amanda are a joy to be with and we love visiting them in Alberta – if only we lived closer.  Maybe one day!

Happy birthday Philip! You’re one in a million!

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