What a great prayer


I feel like I’m in a period of my life where the to do list will go on into eternity….

Thankfully that isn’t true but there are a number of significant matters coming soon and the work to be prepared is considerable.

One of those is a half-day of Scripture I am doing, and I’ve decided to use 1 Peter the latter half of the first chapter and the second chapter with the theme of being called to leave a legacy of holiness – a rather dry title, so I need to find something a bit more appealing.

However, the man that has asked me to do this and is coordinating the work on their end sent me this wonderful prayer. You may wish to use it.

An Anglican prayer:

What we don’t know, teach us,

What we have not, give us,

What we are not, make us.


In the matter of the work of my hands (head and heart) this is my prayer.

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