The Eastland family

FB_IMG_1497491191922Five girls, one boy… the Eastland family with father Fred and mother Constance were a model family in Niagara Falls during the first half of the 20th Century. Fred, my grandfather, owned a business and was very successful in this small town. He was also generous and during the depression did much good for others in a very quiet manner.

He was a good Salvationist and with my grandmother, affectionally referred to by me as Nanny, had a great impact on the faith of others.
Eileen, Florence, Margaret (Mom), Freda and Joyce are pictured above with Nanny.

Jim is just a bit older than I and will soon turn 65! How could that be?!

Tomorrow we hope to have lunch with Mom and Freda – pictured below.


For the record here’s the whole gang! These are the wonderful relatives I spent time with at the cottage every summer for years.


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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Thanks Fred for this Blog, so nice to see how blessed we were as a family and the faith that was instilled in us

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