Banff, Alberta

The town of Banff is recognized world-wide and for the years we were in Calgary, it was a regular retreat for us. We would often drive up there on a Monday morning to have lunch, usually at McDonald’s! As we sat by the gas fireplace eating our chicken burgers we would talk about how fortunate we were to have this wonderful opportunity.  Within an hour of the house we would be walking the street enjoying the incredible scenery. It was so close, so available to us.

The photo on the header is from a live feed that I sometimes pull up on YouTube. It reminds me of those days!

Many years before my parents had lived in Calgary and like us, they liked to visit Banff. This picture of me with my Mom at a corps picnic is a treasure. It was taken from one of my Dad’s many slides.

img_20200221_101815-1I suppose the town is very different today than it was 60 years ago, but the mountains remain.  Below is a picture that Philip sent me this week after his visit to the mountains. He and his friend Kelly were out ice climbing, and as you can see there’s the frozen waterfall they climbed.

download_20200223_092240IMG_6652Lastly, is this picture from a few years ago when we were camping below the three sisters, seen in the picture. There really is nothing quite like living or camping in the mountains, even just eating lunch there is great!

If you haven’t been to see the mountains, I hope you are able to do so one day.

And finally a rather rough video I did many years ago with my first digital camera…a day in Banff and Canmore.


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