Planning for Mozambique

At the end of March we are taking 20 people on a learning tour of Mozambique. The business group was able to set aside funds earned through our procurement work to finance this. Our intention is to work on a building project which is being built in collaboration with the UK territory.

Saturday we met with the team to begin our process of building team, determine assignments and provide direction around next steps.

It is going to be a good group to work with!

We also did a video conference with the leaders of The Salvation Army in Mozambique. TSA is small there and the history of the country has had a huge impact. The current life expectancy is only 60.4 years. Civil war, political unrest and a time as a Marxist country have made it one of the poorest countries in the world.

We will also work with the leadership to have an Easter weekend congress where there people will gather. They expect about 600 to 700 people to attend.

So here’s a couple of photos to show our planning day…

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