The good of technology

We had a chance to use Skype today to talk to our granddaugher Rachel.  She’s staying with her other grandparents right now.  As we talked together – all five of us – we reflected on the wonder of technology.  The present generation is growing with the sense that this is just how it is.  But many of us have other experiences to reflect upon.

It wasn’t that long ago that the internet didn’t exist and so this kind of technology did not either. And it wasn’t that long ago that even long distance telephone was so expensive that it was used sparingly.

When I was a kid this was the (or one of the) means of communicating with my grandparents.  We would gather in one room and my Dad would lead a little conversation – sometimes even some music – to be recorded and sent to my grandparents to listen to. Then they would do something to let us hear them and send it back.

It seemed then to be exciting to be using such amazing technology.  What will replace what we think is the latest now?

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