Happy Anniversary Wendy

Today we celebrate 35 years of marriage.  That’s 35 Christmases, 35 Halloweens, 35 Happy New Year celebrations, 35 summers, 35 winters, 35 birthdays…not to mention the raising of two boys and now the joy of being grandparents.

It also represents many a visit to the hospital with the boys, a few surgeries for Wendy and I – noting serious – gall bladder, appendix, detached retina, cataracts….you know the usual stuff.

On our wedding day 1979

But when I think about 35 years of marriage to Wendy, I think of the joy we’ve had to grow together.  Back in our early days of marriage we talked about growing old together and while we hope that we have another 35 years of marriage we realize that we have been very blessed to find ourselves continuing to grow together and more and more joyful in our partnership.

I’ve never referred to Wendy as my best friend as some are in the habit of doing.  I have always believed that she is more than that – Wendy is someone more intimately involved in my life and more aware of strengths and weaknesses than any friend.  She is also more committed  to me and I to her than a friend would be.

Wendy is best of my world and I am grateful to her for her love and faithfulness and I do indeed look forward to the next 35 years.

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