There’s a birthday party going on

Carlyle turned ONE on Friday!  One year ago we all celebrated at her birth – and in many ways we’ve been celebrating everyday at her life.  She lives in Alberta – a little too far today – and so we won’t be able to be in attendance.

Wendy sent out a few things for the birthday party that say 1 on them and Amanda has made up cupcakes to eat…you’ll see this one (maybe all of them) has a cheerio on it.  It turns out, like her father before her, Carlyle is not that fond of sweet things!

We remember the first time someone who was looking after Philip tried to give him smarties…he sucked on them for a minute then he started spitting them out with chocolate running down his chin.

So it looks like Carlyle will be happy to celebrate without the sweets!

I think we’re sitting back wondering where the last year has gone – time we say again – goes by all too quickly. Well later today we hope by Google Hangout to join in for a few minutes with the celebration!

Happy birthday Carlyle!  We love you.


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