Canada – a country to love

Down in the Byward Market (Ottawa) is a bakery that was visited by President Obama during his visit to Ottawa in February.of 2009.  His quote has been placed by the cookies with this sign…and when you step into the bakery there are lots of Obama Cookies.  I should have bought one…but across the street is the Beavertail outlet too…and it was almost supper…so I passed on both and had a great meal down the street.

As this the eve of Canada Day it seems that this is an appropriate thought for we too love this country – with good health care that doesn’t mean selling your house, a prosperous banking system that is at this point probably the most stable in the world (they are buying up US banks) and a standard of living that gives it’s citizens a very comfortable life.

Would I like to travel around the world?  Are there other countries I would like to visit?  Yes – but this is the country I want to live in.

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