A Very Canadian morning

A very Canadian devotions at THQ today as this is the Canada Day long weekend approaching…and what more Canadian to wear to devotions on such a day as our hockey jerseys.  Sorry to my Calgary friends….I went with Montreal for today and Wendy remained faithful to the west.

We sang O Canada, listened to “this land is my land”…and drank Tim Horton’s coffee while munching on maple flavoured cookies.  We were reminded of God’s will for his people, of every land, to stay close to Him, to be under the umbrella of His blessing and to be a people stirred and led by The Holy Spirit.

A good start to a good day!

This was also move day for me…so here’s the new office…as I try and get settled (again) and continue life here at THQ.  As time progresses I’ll try to give you some idea what it is we do here…we’ve got good staff and I’m looking forward to the adventure in partnership with Women’s, Music and Youth Ministries.

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