Canada Day – Governor General

Awaiting Canada Day Celebrations
Apparently that’s her Dad

On the march

 The long weekend gave us the opportunity to visit Wendy’s Mom in Ottawa who is awaiting surgery.  When we arrived at the hospital the RCMP were formed up outside the front door – with a carriage for the Governor General.

Governor General

GG’s car outside the basilica

The pageantry of the day is wonderful and reflective, in some way, of what you see in England.

I`ve always loved the RCMP in their red tunics – as a child in the west they always captured my imagination.  Of course there were numerous shows about Mounties and the famous “they always get their man“.

The black horses are magnificent with a maple leaf shaved into their rear haunch. I always thought it would be great to be one of the MOUNTED…mounted police!

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