Are you sure this is Air Canada?

Welcome to follower 88 – only 11 to go Dave!

Air Canada airline attendant today…

Taking off from Edmonton: “Welcome to Air Canada, voted one of the best airlines in the world…(pause)…yeah I was surprised too!”

Approaching Toronto: “All electronic devices must be turned off and headphones removed.  You may continue to watch the inflight entertainment unit as long as you have ear bud headphones that don’t belong to Air Transat, Sun Wing or West Jet.”

Landing in Toronto: “Welcome to Toronto, home of the 1967 Stanley Cup Champions!”

Do you think he use to work for West Jet?  A sense of humour on Air Canada?

There were some huge clouds coming in to Toronto – here’s one boiling up over the city.  After flying from Edmonton to Toronto, we had to circle flying up to Collingwood and back and then around the Toronto area too.

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