The Weight of Leadership

Today was the farewell to Commissioners William and Marilyn Francis from THQ.  They arrived in Canada four years ago from IHQ and have led the Canada and Bermuda Territory since.  As the THQ family gathered for a farewell…and the Territorial Leaders Conference met afterwards, I was caused to think about all the Territorial Leaders we’ve had since CFOT.

We entered CFOT under Commissioner & Mrs. Pitcher.  He presided over our commissioning and ordination.  Then came Commissioner & Mrs. Pratt, British Officers who had been serving in the USA West.  As they retired, Commissioner & Mrs. Harris, British Officers, arrived…. until they retired.  Briefly Commissioners Howe were with us until family matters drew them back to the UK where they were from.  Commissioners Lutterill, American Officers, followed them and entered retirement.  Commissioner Christine McMillan, a Canadian followed until her appointment to IHQ working from New York City.  Commissioners Francis have served for four years and they enter retirement to live in the USA where they are from.

Next comes Commissioners Brian & Rosealie Peddle, Canadian Officers who have been serving in New Zeland then the UK.

Each leader has been identified by a paticular gift and skill set.  Each has made his/her own mark.

Today I was thinking about the weight of leadership.  I’ll be praying for our new leaders – I hope you will too!

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