A day on the road

A quick trip to Calgary today – the last Advisory Board meeting there for me.  We had a good discussion on Government Relations and our need for strong ties to a variety of levels.  Of all my roles this has perhaps been my favourite.  I’ve desired to work in this field for many years and this role has allowed that to happen.

After lunch it was back on the road to Edmonton, where I might add it was warmer and dryer.  Sorry Calgary but spring and summer are just better in Edmonton.  Let me spend autumn and winter in Calgary…but come spring I really prefer the lower altitude and the greater distance from the mountains.

Jason finished his job today…tomorrow they pack the car…and Saturday morning early they head for Listowel Ontario.  If you’ve missed the news, Jason has employment with TSA in this small town (6000) working with Community Services aimed at the High School students.

The interesting thing for us as a family is that this will mean that their daughter will be born in the same hospital that Jason was born in. Some time in late July, early August our first granddaughter will be born in this small Ontario town.  We were reminiscing this evening, that when we lived in Listowel (1983-87) it was very common to walk downtown and meet a number of people of the corps.  Even going to the bank drew personal addresses, “hi Wendy, hi Fred, how’s Jason today?”…yes a small town has a whole different feeling.  You feel that you are never anonymous.  And have I mentioned how much snow they get?  Wow….lots! At least our granddaughter won’t be born in a snow bank!


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