RC car racing

Eatons is gone. Sears is gone, and many smaller retailers are gone. What are developers to do to keep their properties drawing people to them and keeping revenue to maintain the mall? We’ve seen some creative use of mall space. Health authorities are using them as office space for smaller organizations and even some local artists are collaborating to take a space to display or sell matters.

Recently Wendy and I went to a smaller mall in Edmonton that happens to have a small family-run shoe store – there’s another story there too, as I had a fascinating conversation with the owner who is the son of Ukrainian immigrants who came to Canada over 50 years ago and started the business.

To my point, we discovered in the mall this use of the space. Remote control cars racing on a well-defined and creative track. It is clearly popular and well-used. And there were lots of people watching. And I was watching – and I thought this was great!

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