Recently for the sake of a good walk on a cool day, Wendy and I went to West Edmonton Mall. I’ve been saying for a couple of months that I needed new laces for a favourite pair of shoes. As an aside Wendy teases me that I overuse the word favourite. For example, that’s my favourite food, that’s my favourite place, that’s my favourite chocolate bar. So among my many favourites are these shoes.

In WEM is LL Bean and since we had not really explored it, we walked in. Now, this is a deceiving place as it appears to be quite a small store until you walk to the back and discover that it has a huge footprint, clearly behind all the other stores that it borders.

Near the back was a rack of spools of laces – all sorts of colours and patterns. A buffet for lace lovers!

I’ve chosen to go from bland brown to classy multi-colour laces. Clearly, I am living on the edge!

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