A short report

I’ve got the OLD computer up and running – inspired by Phil’s work on Wendy’s computer I decided it was time to turn on the steam engine and see what it could still do. Lo and behold it’s running very well. About 3 or 4 years ago Philip ordered some new parts and Jason installed it. And well with a direct connection to the router, it is really humming.

So much so I’ve downloaded my games from Steam and I’m playing Skylines and Age of Empires again. What a great way to waste time.

As well, doing my blog on this computer gives me access to my Adobe files where many of my old photos are! Here’s a favourite. This is from the summer of ’99 as you can tell. That’s my Dad out in the boat – and I think that’s Jason rowing. I think – well if I’m wrong it’s Philip rowing. At any rate one of them is working and the other is having a GREAT time being with his grandson.

I just love being with my grandchildren. All of them!

Jason and Celine and Isabella have been away on a March break vacation – they went to Morocco. And by all accounts the weather was great and so was the location.

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