Yellowknife visit

It was a short visit but one that was filled with value and outcomes. Months ago in a group meeting, I asked for us to meet face-to-face. And after some discussion about location, we landed on Yellowknife. You need to know that my direct reports live across the country so some travel is required.

After we arrived in Yellowknife we got a tour of the town, visited our facilities, and spent time talking to the leaders about our work before holding our business meeting. There were some challenges – despite cancelled flights and some weather challenges we would say it was time well spent.

We had some good meals too.

As you can see, it was cold and windy there. Winter is well-established in town. When you land in Yellowknife a polar bear chasing a seal is mounted over the luggage rack, which is not really a good representation of the area. Yellowknife is too far from sea ice.

However, it is a land in the north and the north very much determines the character of the town.

We have about 80 employees who work to impact the community to improve the lives of those who live there. The work is tough and they are short for staffing.

But they work hard and it was clear they are effective.

Ted Troughton, who leads our National Recycling Operations, was really interested in the work of the thrift store and looking forward to talking to the staff.

We had dinner at Bullocks Bistro a popular place and a real reflection of the north. Set in the old town, it serves fish and is very different. Staple your business card to the wall or ceiling or take a marker and sign your name – but it won’t be the only one.

And if you want – you can staple some money too.

The team had trouble getting out of town when Air Canada cancelled their flight and resceduled several hours later, but Canadian North delivered me home right on time.

The Yellowknife airport has the most interesting map on the floor which shows the globe from the north. You begin to see how close countries are when you go over the polar cap.

The thrift store had this great shirt – a bit small for me though!

Yellowknife is a great place to visit and if you’re wanting a northern holiday this is a great place.

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