Squirrels and kayaks

Our local red squirrel

Summer is racing along – well that’s how I feel. Can’t believe that we are almost halfway through August. Philip announced just over two weeks until the kids return to school. Not that they’re anxious!

I notice as the apples ripen in our tree the squirrel is more interested in coming by, biting off the apple and then scurrying down to the ground to collect it. Where he hides these I do not know.

Camping crew

Jason recently took the kids on a camping trip. They enjoyed – no really they did. I know that Rachel doesn’t appear too happy but they had a good time. I’m so glad they spent some time in the great outdoors!

I’ve been mulling over the idea of a kayak or canoe. Now we don’t have quite the number of lakes that Ontario has, but we do have some, and Elk Island National Park is not far away. They have a place you can rent canoes and kayaks so perhaps this week – we’re on vacation – we can run out and take a try together. Stay tuned!

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